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It's what you and I live every day.  When we read history we tend to forget that it was everyday life, lived by real people like you and I.  That's the history that tends to stick, for child or adult - that moment when you look at George Washington's shoe or Dolley Madison's gloves or a lock of hair from a baby born in 1798...and feel the reality.  It's real.  It really happened.

My History

I am the second of seven children, blessed to call myself a Brazytis.  I was home educated from birth by my parents, and have continued my lifelong education since my formal graduation.  

Dad and Mother made history come alive for us.  From the time that I could look over the top of my stroller, I can remember the dim interior of museums and the woodsmoke of pioneer villages.  I haven't just read history.  I've seen it.  I've smelled it.  I've touched it.  And I want to bring some of that reality to others. 


Every book published by the Homegrown Historian presents history from a Christian perspective.  For to study history is to observe the moving of God's hand in the affairs of men.  To God be all the glory!

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