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 What Will You Find In Our Books?

Our goal is to provide clean, appropriate fiction and nonfiction for all ages!

You Will NOT find:



-Cheap, Fabricated 'Historical Fiction'

-Sin Rewarded/Bad Guy Wins

-The Glorification of Evil

-Feminism - in any way, shape or form

-Magic, Sorcery and Witchcraft


You WILL Find:

~Godly Love

~Wholesome Adventure

-Thoroughly Researched Historical Facts

~The Triumph of Right

~The Glorification of Righteousness

~The Celebration of Masculinity and Femininity

~Appreciation for and Submission to

God's Sovereign Will and Perfect Plan


It's what you and I live every day. 

When we read history we tend to forget that it was everyday life, lived by real people like you and I. 

That's the history that tends to stick, for child or adult - that moment when you look at George Washington's shoe or Dolley Madison's gloves or a lock of hair from a baby born in 1798...and feel the reality. 

It's real.  It really happened.

And that's the moment we want our books to give you.


The Author


Sarah’s quotes

"I don't really know; I'm not in the Operations Room, you see. All I do know is that the world has a Chief who was victorious when the powers of darkness struck at Him with everything they had. He has the plans today. The darkness won't last forever. There's a splendor beyond.
~Flying Officer George Dymory Ingleford, Enemy Brothers"— Constance Savery


Every book published by the Homegrown Historian presents history from a Christian perspective.  For to study history is to observe the moving of God's hand in the affairs of men. 

To God be all the glory!

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